Questioning My Faith

Discussion in 'New Member Forum' started by FollowerOfTheChurch, May 29, 2007.

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  1. FollowerOfTheChurch

    FollowerOfTheChurch New Member

    So, I've been questioning my faith and have hit such topics such as these.

    The Earth wasn't made by god. The Earth was made by the remains of the creation of the sun, along with the rest of the Solar System (excluding Pluto)
    This has been proven.

    Evolution exisists. Now i don't mean to be ignorant, but you must have some mental issues if you don't believe in Evolution. You can't just believe that us humans, Frogs, AIDS, and everything else just appeared out of nowehre. It has been proven that evolution exists. It is what we do, we evolve so we fit into the world better.

    Adam and Eve are fake to an extent. Humans were not that smart back then, and we most likely couldn't even talk back then. There is no proof supporting that Adam and Eve lived except for the Bible, and the first book was a Secondary Source.

    Television and Video games. They aren't evil. I mean, if a 4-year-old was watching say, "Girls Gone Wild" or "Saw" that is bad, but if they were watching One Piece (which is an anime that was totally butchered coming here from which they took out every possible thing of controversy, yet people are still complaining) So if a kid wants to watch a show on Cartoon Network, let them, as long as they don't watch TV like 6 hours a day. As for Video games, the same thing applies, it isn't the companies falt, if anything, it is the parent that is clueless who bought their 7 year-old-child Grand Theft Auto: Sand Andreas.

    Masturbation. It isn't "bad", it is part of humans. I mean if you are doing it like 5 times a day, there may be a problem, but as humans, we need to expel material from our bodies. And it is not a sin or whatever to think of someone while masturbating. It isn't hurting the person in anyway.

    Homosexuality, is okay. If someone is gay, good for them, that is their decision. Nothing wrong with it.

    If you fulfill any of the things stated above, you aren't going to hell. There isn't a hell. There isn't good or evil. It is a matter of your view. If i wanted to team up with Hitler and kill all the Jews that isn't evil or bad. It would just be what i believed. Because it would be in my view the Jews and the people not wanting the Jews dead to be evil. So once you die, i am not sure, you may go to a type of Heaven. Anywho, if you believe in good or evil, the bible states everyone gets into heave right? There yah go, doesn't matter if you kill someone, Jesus still loves you.

    And to the possible ignorant people who may read this, yes you may have your own beliefs, but if you don't believe with the aboves statements and don't give me a valid reason for why you don't believe, you are being ignorant, savvy?
  2. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    First, if you want to discuss your concerns do so in the appropriate forum.

    There are threads dealing with masturbation in both the Homosexual and Heterosexual Forums, threads dealing with evolution are ongoing in the Science, Creation, and Evolution Forum. There is a thread dealing with hell in the Open Debate Forum.

    And if you do not have the integrity to observe our Forums Rules, which you have already violated and which you agreed to abide by when you registered then you are being ignorant and your posting privileges will be terminated, savvy?

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