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  1. Psalmo

    Psalmo New Member

    All praise our lord, Satan. Satan is life, Satan is passion, Satan is everything and everyone. Satan spoke to me, and said god is false. Satan created the Universe, Satan is greater than god, Satan created all that is, and dominates all that shall be.
    Satan keeps Christians in deception, Satan allows them to believe god exists for entertainment purposes. Satan is also Jesus Christ, and he wrote the bible.

    I know so, because Satan himself told me and showed images of when he wrote the bible.
    Satan also told me catholicism is the only true religion.
  2. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    So Satan wrote the Bible. Then why did Satan say this:
    John 8:44 "You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature; for he is a liar, and the father of lies. NAS

    These are the words of Jesus, so if Satan wrote the Bible he labeled himself a murderer, a liar, and the father of lies.
  3. Geshtinnanna

    Geshtinnanna New Member

    I am not claiming that one on my side! :lol:
  4. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    I had a feeling you would disown Psalmo. :wink:
  5. On My Way

    On My Way New Member

    Its not a bad troll here Psalmo I'd give you a C+ ( well it is bad to troll)

    however you played your hand to quickly

    You posted this a day ago ... ght=#71795

    Don't pretend to believe in God then call him False a day later

    So if you are going to troll, stick to one schtick and don't bounce around

    Probably best if you go to Troll Kingdom and troll there

    not here
  6. Psalmo

    Psalmo New Member

    Because of my beliefs I run into problems regarding terminology, so my apologies. I will attempt to make my posts as clear as possible.

    If God wrote the Bible, and is the sole creator, we can assume he created both good and evil, whether directly or indirectly. God, then is responsible for murder, truth an lies. If you would like to challenge God's ability to tell a lie, you are challenging God's omnipotence; God can create a rock that he cannot lift, and lift the very rock that God himself created. God can be truth and a liar, God can be the creator and a murderer.
    Evil and good are crucial to each other, the bible has instances of both.
    Satan, as I believe it, wrote the bible and created the Catholic Church as a forum for spreading some sort of enlightenment concerning human nature, the nature of good and evil, the universe, etc. The human mind, undeveloped as it is, was not ready to understand, and perhaps still is not ready to understand the importance of both, evil and good, therefore Satan clearly delineated two extremes, Good and Evil so that it would be simpler to grasp the relationship of black and white, rather than the complexity of gray.
    Of course, human beings are gifted with free will, and decided to interpret the bible without the guidance of the pope, or the legitimate church. The reformation opened up a door for dissenting religions, thousands of them, which twist the word of Satan into a Good vs. evil, evolution vs. Creation, Right vs. Wrong, Woman vs. man war which is detrimental to the human condition. The original intention of religion was to bring all such elements together, and Aquinas tried to do so by Adopting Aristotle's philosophy into the church, stressing the need of a golden mean and virtue.
    If you pay attention to the bible, you will notice Satan is not a purely evil character. If he was, why would he keep the souls of the wicked, torturing them for their crimes? Wouldn't it be easier to send them off to heaven, or to release them back into the earth to wreck havoc?
    It is common to hear of the "Devil's advocate". The catholic church even uses one when choosing a saint. Are they bad people? No, they are simply people who try to utilize reason and logic in order to clarify things which go otherwise unquestioned.
    Take the statement: "All Muslims are purely evil terrorists". The devil's advocate would challenge such a claim, are they not also human? Are they not also creations of God? Are they not hardworking? Do they not recognize Jesus?
    Satan is balance, the clash of passion and understanding, good and evil. Satan is reason.
    God in the bible only represents good and faith, while Satan represents everything.
    Certainly most Christians would not admit God is capable of Evil. And they are right, God is not. Satan is, and Satan is the omnipotent being which created all, wrote all, and is all.

    So you are right, Satan is evil. Satan is a murder. But Satan is also the balance, Satan is also good, Satan is also life.
  7. Psalmo

    Psalmo New Member

    Concerning on my way's post. you're right, that is a troll. I'll promptly delete or edit it.
    Sounds like a terrible excuse, but it must've been my brother who wrote that, because I didn't.
  8. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    The school of Alexandria was the first to use Greek philosophy to interpret the Bible, not Aquinas. You should read Clement and Origen of Alexandria who were Neoplatonists, Augustine added Aristotelian philosophy. In other words Psalmo, the Catholic/Orthodox faiths are more Greek paganism than Biblical Christianity. Now since you are posting concepts as God's truth that are really pagan concepts imported into Christianity and you worship Satan (if you really do and are not just a troll) you have fallen into the same trap by appealing to Zoroastrianism modified with Greek philosophy.
  9. Psalmo

    Psalmo New Member

    That's exactly what i said, Aristotle was added by Aquinas. Aristotle's concept of Eudemonia is heavily emphasized by Aquinas. Aristotle, by the way, pioneered the scientific method, and his philosophy is based on reason, not paganism. Aristotle didn't even believe in the gods, and neither did Plato, though they never truly contested their existence because they would've been trialled, and perhaps killed, much like Socrates.
    The concept of the soul, used by Christianity came from Plato, who refined it from Pythagoras. The concept of a single god came from Socrates and Plato.
    And guess what, heaven and hell, Zoroastrianism.
    I never modified anything, and neither did the Catholic/orthodox church. Dissenting religions modify everything by interpreting the Bible in thousands of different ways, and taking it literally to the point that only two options exist in life, as I mentioned before, when life is really a spectrum of choices and possibilities.
    The original churches and Bible interpreters chose to have faith in god, but were wise enough to utilize reason when interpreting scripture.
  10. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    I wonder where you are getting some of your information. Thomas Aquinas lived in the 13th century or 11 centuries after men like Justin Martyr, Clement and Origen of Alexandria, and Augustine appealed to Greek philosophy as well as Greek paganism to interpret the Hebrew Scriptures. Clement and Origen were influenced by Gnosticism and neoplatonism while Aristotle not Aquinas introduced Aristotelian philosophy into the Catholic/Orthodox churches.
    Aquinas was not the first theologian to be influenced by Aristotle. You acknowledged that Aquinas expanded on Augustine’s Aristotelian concept of Eudemonia, by ignoring that Augustine depended on Aristotle.
    This is only partially true, since both Plato’s and Aristotle’s philosophy include:
    While both Plato and Aristotle did not believe in “God”, both believed in an initial power or transcendent “intelligence”.

    The Christian concepts of an eternal soul, eternal torment in hell, the Trinity, and etc. are not found in the Bible. Your concept of Satan is more Zoroastrian (or Hindu) than Christian. Satan who is a created being who has free will does not equate to God being the author of evil any more that you can prove that Nobel is the author of evil because he invented dynamite or physicists are the author of evil because physics led to the development of nuclear weapons.
  11. matt12

    matt12 New Member

    what if Satan took over the church for a while and that is why these wacko doctrines like the trinity, torture, burning people at the stake were introduced. also the hot iron through the tongue silences other disenters from these doctrines quite quickly.

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