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Discussion in 'New Member Forum' started by Justinian, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Justinian

    Justinian New Member

    I'm not realy agnostic. I'm quite certain there has to be some kind of God or other-wordly existence somewhere. I'm just not realy certain what it is, and to be quite frank, most of what I've seen of religion has been very dissapointing. One must admit, there are a lot of loonies out there hiding behind some god or another. But, I thought, who am I to judge whole creeds so quickly? I came here then, as an objective learner. I look forward to some interesting discussion. Thankyou.
  2. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    Welcome to JCF.
  3. AuroraAngel

    AuroraAngel New Member

    Nice to meet you Justinian.

    May I inquire perhaps as to which religions have left you feeling disapointed?
  4. susejitna

    susejitna New Member

    how are you an agnostic if you believe in god??? that defys the definition of the word
  5. Justinian

    Justinian New Member

    Nice to mee you. Realy I suspect it's all of them. The most convincing religion I've ever come accros was Shinto, from Japan, a kind of esoteric beauty worship not dipendant on God. The Shintoists feel every living creature, and indeed every object (particularly objects that people place great importance on) has a kind of spirit or energy they call a Kami. Really, it's all vague, and like every religion, has no evidence behind it, but it is a pretty idea that I sometimes can't help but entertain. I always did think machines could have a kind of life to them, and Shinto bodes well with this idea.

    Definitions are void where Justinian stands! :lol:
  6. Geshtinnanna

    Geshtinnanna New Member

    Welcome. I am a Satanist and enjoy the reading of this forum. Very cool information can be learned here. :D
  7. Justinian

    Justinian New Member

    Nice avatar.

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