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    Just a query...

    I'm seeing more and more Christian sites with elaborate and complex teachings about 'doorways' and 'generational curses' et al... most have few if ANY scriptures to back up their claims... Does anyone know of any articles on the Net that refute some of these outrageous claims made at sites like and many other similr sites...???
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    generational curses

    I was very pleased the other night when Pat Robertson answered a question in the "bring it on" segment of the 700 Club by saying " I am not an expert on generational curses but I do believe they exist, althoughI cannot say that you are under one. "

    Does anyone know anything at all they can share? I'm interested in a balanced view myself, since the only book I've read on the subject is by Derek Prince, Blessing or Curse, and even though he recanted his invovement in the Heavy Shepherding movement, there's enough suspect material in the book to make me wonder about the whole thing. This book also seems to be the source book Paula White and others on TV are drawing from.

    My daughter-in-law is a fourth generation exwitch of some Appalachian American tradition I had not seen in all my years in the occult...

    So...balance, anyone?
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    It is my understanding that the above is the basis for teaching generational curses. However, this ignores these:
    The current teaching concerning generational curses seems to founded more in psychology than theology. The children of alcoholics are at higher risk of becoming alcoholics, spousal abuse seems to run in a family, and etc. These environmentaly caused problems are attributed to "generational curses" by many.
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    The Bible mentions “generational curses” in several places (Exodus 20:5; 34:7; Numbers 14:18; Deuteronomy 5:9). It sounds unfair for God to punish children for the sins of their fathers. However, this is looking at it from an earthly perspective. God knows that sin is passed down from one generation to the next. When a father has a sinful lifestyle, his children are likely to have the same sinful lifestyle as well. That is why it is not unjust for God to punish sin to the third or fourth generation – because they are committing the same sins their ancestors did. They are being punished for their own sins, not the sins of their ancestors. The Bible specifically tells us that God does not hold children accountable for the sins of their parents (Deuteronomy 24:16).

    There is a trend in the church today to try and blame every sin and problem on some sort of generational curse. This is not Biblical. The cure for generational curses is salvation through Jesus Christ. When we become Christians, we are new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17). How can a child of God still be under God’s curse (Romans 8:1)? The 'cure', then, for a generational curse is faith in Christ and a life consecrated to Him (Romans 12:1-2).
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    generational curses

    This isn't Bible, but I think it's worth considering. If you don't think so, please be kind to the newbie, that is, don't kick me without warning, or yell at me--I do tend to get my feelings hurt a bit. :) :oops:

    I read some years back about a study on memory engrams, that is, chemical encodings of memories, which do not seem to all be in the mind, but located throughout the body.

    In this study, a species of seagoing worm was conditioned to respond to a light source by the application of electric shock. The light would go on, an electric current would be fed into the water, the worms would respond by curling, and eventually, they would curl when the light came on, just like Pavlov's dogs would salivate when they heard the bell.

    Nothing unusual about that, but here's the twist: when the worms were killed and fed to another set of worms who had not been conditioned, they too responded to the light.

    Is it possible that something of grandpa's pecadilloes came down in some way we don't understand?

    [I sometimes joke that 1000 years of Irish ancestors means that I don't have to drink to be a mess. :wink: ]
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    Re: generational curses

    :lol: So is that why all those picture book Irish cottages have all the internal doors removed?? Saves on head injuries??? :wink:

    I think the Ozzies and the Irish share a common liver... ummm... heritage...

    But more seriously... Genetic memory? hmmmm.... Don't know a lot about the concept... anyone got more info on this???... it's an intriguing theory to say the least...

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