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    This is a directory of pages of the Great Isaiah Scroll of the Qumran community. This scroll (which has been named by scholars as "Q") is dated at 100 BC.
    The Translation of the Great Isaiah Scroll

    Isaiah Commentary: You will find material here not found in other commentaries presented in a style that anyone interested in Scripture can understand. The discussion of Hebrew terms, when cited, is made as clear as possible for an English reader.

    I emailed the author for what was the word used here for witchcraft.
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    Occult \Oc*cult"\, a. [L. occultus, p. p. of occulere to cover up, hide; ob (see Ob-) + a root prob.akin to E. hell: cf. F.

    occulte.] Hidden from the eye or the understanding; inviable; secret; concealed; unknown.

    *Occult sciences, those sciences of the Middle Ages which related to the supposed action or influence of occult qualities, or

    supernatural powers, as alchemy, magic, necromancy, and astrology.

    The 2 Dead Sea scrolls of Isaiah, already mentioned, have proved to be of major importance in confirming the Masoretic text

    of the OT. They provide conclusive evidence of the reliability of the OT text as it has come down to us, and show that, for

    all practical purposes, it is identical with the text as it existed in Christ's day. 1QIs is complete but contains a number

    of scribal errors and is not as well written as other scrolls from the collection. 1QIs-b is far less complete than 1QIs-a,

    but superior in quality. Chapters 37 to 41 and 43 to 66 are fairly well preserved. It contains remarkably few scribal errors,

    and is practically identical with the Masoretic text. Of the relatively few variant readings the more important ones occur in

    chs 38:13; 41:11; 43:6; 53:11; 60:19, 21; 63:5; 66:17. Another, and even more fragmentary, text of Isaiah found in Cave 4 at

    Khirbet Qumran resembles the text of the LXX more closely than it does the Masoretic text. See Scrolls, Dead Sea.
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    The Book of Enoch

    I watched a show on History Channel not to long ago called "Banned From the Bible" It showed some of the book sthat were considered but placed out instead. One was The Book of Enoch that seemed very compelling that could be true for all the things I heard fit right in with scripture. BUT most were like nostic books which were false teachings. But very interesting the history of the bible. Including the one book that almost was placed at the end of the bible instead of Revelation. The Apocalypse of Peter. But it seemed to have one main error against the scriptures.

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