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    We started with the word kashaph which came from the Strong's Hebrew Dictionary. Which is where most everybody else starts with.

    Which is used in "Exodus 21:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch(3784) to live."
    but the "Webster's New World Hebrew Dictionary"
    it list list the word kashaph(3784) as
    You then say this error occured in the latin to English translations and also used the reference to midwives and Physicians as to another reason the english word for witch was used.

    It is interesting to note here that there is also NO Jewish Sites that uses the word kashaph.

    There is no Jewish text other then the bible that uses the word kashaph.

    But the Webster's New World Hebrew Dictionairy is saying what the word kashaph means and is basing it upon what?

    You then stated
    First lets get the wording right, It is Kishuf not keeshoof when doing research on the word. The only people using the keeshoof word is a small number of wicca websites hiding from the world. Kishuf will take you to LOTS of Wicca Sites and a some Kabbalah Jewish sites that has old text with the CORRECT word Kishuf being used in it(181 sites).

    But the Kabbalah also was never written down, it was only verbal same as wicca is. Kabbalah is an aspect of Jewish mysticism which runs around in circles trying to find loopholes in the Law to practice witchcraft.
    Kabbalah FAQ ... isKabbalah


    Next we will look at the Torah and the Law - Mitzvot from a Jewish Site in Israel. Please note the kishuf and kesem are being used now.
    We then went into the other words used from the Strong's which was kashaph, Kesheph, and Kashshaph and where they was used in the scriptures. Which you then started using the word Herbcraft and trying to fit it into all of them. Some places it would fit others it wouldn't.

    You then stated


    Because we also have Hebrew word kesheph showing up in the Qumran dead sea scrolls in 100BC applying to the Kabbalah.

    So let's have a look at the History of the English Bible in detail:

    Here is the answer to "but what about the original bible the JEWISH TORAH?".
    Do you not now find it odd that the Orginal Word was lost in the translation but was refounded around 1500 AD and added back to the english version because there is no word better to describe KABBALAH then witch and witchcraft!
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    Guys/Gals this has took too long to gather all this stuff, anybody want to help me double check this stuff let me know if have I missed something?

    But too be honest I don't fully buy this,
    The original word in the KJV is right but I have no proof.
    See new words has been created to avoid the truth.
    Some by the KABBALAH witch's
    and others by the people that Jesus called vipers
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    If these guys was involved in the KABBALAH then it is possible that they removed the original words that would apply to Jewish Mythism?

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