Picture This & Praise Ye the, Lord!

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    Picture This.

    Your time is near, your eyes close and you feel light..... here you are in joy, peace and protection and at that moment.....you open your eyes, a bright sparkle hits your sight, but its not blinding or hot, but gentle and cool.... like a summer breeze..... you feel a light loving Touch slightly glide along your face, a Peaceful and Tender Voice whispers that says, ..." Well Done." --- Just then your focus becomes stronger.... and You see THE Most GLORIOUS, Overwhelming, Amazing , Tender ,Joyful ,Love.... that you ever encountered in your whole life on earth. Yes dear friend , Its JESUS that you see. a BIG Smile comes SWEEPING across your face, and your SO Glad to see Him, that you don't know rather to Bow first or Hug him and cry like a baby.... So, you gather your self together, realize who you are standing in front of, and realize also that HE is Your, SAVIOR!..... HE Rescued you when you called upon Him. then you Bow and Praise Him and Thank Him. at that point, YOUR SO Overwhelmed your self by what is going on... you think to your self...." Jesus said to me...."Well Done." .. Since Jesus is ALL Knowing........just then ,Jesus looks at you and says...... " Well Done." HE Hugs you and you both walk and talk and laugh and this continues forever.............

    Dear Friend.....
    1.Praise Ye the Lord, for He is, Worthy!
    2. Praise Ye the Lord, for His Word is, Excellent!
    3. If you Love the Lord, you will obey His Every Word and Praise Him through the Good and the Bad. (Praise Ye the, Lord!)
    4. Praise Ye the Lord for He Saved, you!
    5.Praise Ye the Lord for He is THE light, when the Darkness begins to circles, You!
    6. Praise Ye The Lord, for His Light Will guide you out of the, Darkness!
    7. Praise Ye The Lord, for His Strength, Wisdom,Protection,Love,and Tender Mercy.

    Keep the Faith my Dearly Beloved Family in Christ..... Yeshuwah- Jesus WILL Return one day..... God Bless you all.
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    I hope I do become that emotional when I see Jesus that my emotions overtake me. Jesus deserves that type of emotional response from me.

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