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Discussion in 'Rejoicing and Praising Jesus Christ Forum!' started by OriginOfSin, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. OriginOfSin

    OriginOfSin New Member

    I Used to blame God everytime something in my life went wrong, i don't know if anyone has seen the film Bruce Almighty, but you could say i was like that >.>

    Until i realized God hasn't scripted out the way everything in the universe will happen. Now i don't know enough about god to even begin saying all the things he's done for me, there's probably alot more than i know, but i'd like to thank him and jesus for saving an idiot like me from hell!

    I'm gonna try and give up all the stuff that i think i shouldn't do now, cursing and things like that are obvious, but there are some difficult topics i'm confused over whether they still are sins or not. ><

    So thank God for everything good in my life which i havn't even realized he's gaven me.
  2. FollowerOfTheChurch

    FollowerOfTheChurch New Member

    Yes "god doesn't control over our actions" is what Christians say, yet they also say "God has a plan for us" So which one is it? Excuses at best
  3. ann

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    You will soon learn to grasp which things you should be stopping. Though it not easy because the harder we try, more will be sent to test us to find us out. All you can do is try your best. Pray to God and seek his forgiveness and you will be okay. :D

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