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    This is Truly a blessing, I'm surrounded by Christians at my office. Just today as I was discussing scriptures with my co-workers, a backslidden Christian joined in on the conversation. He had mentioned how he decided to go his own way for a while but as he overheard my discussion regarding the Love of God and the light in the children of God which shines when their love is manifested, he told us that he felt like crying because he felt touched by the Holy Spirit. A co-worker then invited him to attend her church this sunday to receive an awakening, and to be received back into the arms of the LORD, and he accepted with enthusiasm.

    AMEN AND AMEN!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    That's great to hear!

    I haven't been paying enough attention to God lately :cry: . I've been too focused on other things. I keep losing the motivation to just talk to Him. I need to sort my priorities out... big time.

    Well... my boyfriend is planning to go to China this summer to help teach English to school children... and to pray for them and try and sow a few seeds here and there for God.

    My mother asked me to take her to Church at Easter. She told me she was lonely. So I took her with me that Sunday morning. She didn't participate in the prayers or the hymns, but probably rightly so as there isn't much point in praising God with your mouth if your heart isn't doing the same. She left her glasses at home and couldn't read the words anyway.

    When the time came for Holy Communion, we knelt in front of the altar with books in our hands (a signal used for someone to receive a blessing instead of the communion). We went and sat down and my mother started crying and went outside.

    I stayed there for the time being. I felt very uncomfortable... I didn't want her to be upset... but then again, I was wondering if this display of emotion was the beginning of something? We went round to friends' for lunch and the topic was brought up in conversation. An old lady sat opposite her suggested that my mother must have felt something for that to occur and that maybe God is calling her to be a Christian. That was what I wanted to say but I couldn't do it. My mother denied it all. I pointed out that after that moment her leg stopped hurting, but she said it was because she'd been sat down, not because God had healed her.

    I was kind of disappointed. I thought this was it. I thought she was going to be saved. But she remains as stubborn as ever. And yet as she continues to be lonely, getting into increasing amounts of debt, she needs God more than ever. I trust that God will do whatever is necessary to save someone- but that person's heart needs to be ready to accept God. I know all is not lost. I know God's timing is always perfect. Maybe God is going to continue to work on her gradually.
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    You may have not been paying much attention to God lately, but I'm quite sure that He has been paying much attention to you.

    Gods Timing is indeed Perfect. When the thief on the cross accepted Christ as LORD before his death, perhaps a family member who had grieved over him prayed that he would someday have a change of heart. And perhaps this family member prayed for him days, months or if not years before his death. I firmly believe that even a lone individual upon closing his/her eyes upon death can call upon the LORD with genuine faith, and the LORD will listen, and the LORD will save their soul from death and bring them into everlasting life.

    God Bless!
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    I wrote my feelings down last night, I felt better by the end of it. God's mercy never ceases to amaze me.
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    Good topic! Very useful :):)

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