I love Jesus so much!

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Do you love Jesus?

  1. I sure do!

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  2. No, I do not. I am a follower of Satan.

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  1. satans_enemy

    satans_enemy New Member

    I love Jesus!!!

    He is the light, my strength, my savior. I pray to him daily, thanking him for all that is glorious, all that keeps me happy, for my family; my wonderful daughter, my beautiful wife. I also thank him for punishing those against the Bible; atheists, gays, adulterers, etc.

    Every time I see a picture of Jesus I am inspired. I have several paintings which I've made myself of Him in my house. Most of them are of Him on the cross (makes me sad when i see it :cry: ). I really love the way Jesus is portrayed on the cross. He never looks defeated; his beautiful eyes are always shining with hope. He is never broken down. His rugged chin shrouded by his huge masculine beard. His chest, so strong. So hard. So extremely powerful. I just wish I were able to stroke it, just to feel Him and His power. He's so extremely attractive. But not in a satanic liberal fag way. Just a simple admiration for such a hunk of a man. He is, isn't he? His massive arms look like they could tear that cross apart. But of course, he can't. He's so heroic, the way he died for us. I wish I could thank him. Just show him one good time before he delivered us from evil.

    Jesus Christ helped me battle masturbation. Every time I submit to temptation and use my computer for masturbation, I begin to think of Jesus. Though I still reach an orgasm, I know it's okay because I didn't use any obscene and sinful material.

    In fact, there's a little story my bible study group is quite fond of. It's about me and my wife trying to conceive a child (eventually my wonderful daughter). You see, during this time I had erection problems. I couldn't reach a climax when I had sexual relations with my wife, as beautiful as she is. But one night, I had an idea. While I was pleasuring my wife, I thought of the Lord. The strong texture of his skin. Those eyes. Those legs. That body. His hair style. It finally allowed me to orgasm, which led to my wife becoming pregnant.

    Jesus, I thank you for everything! You have glorified every aspect of my life, and for that, I love you!
  2. Geshtinnanna

    Geshtinnanna New Member

    So..........who's the other Satan lover in the bunch
    *eyes the forum :eek:
  3. HopelessComposer

    HopelessComposer New Member

    Was this post a joke? ^ ^;;;
    And lol @ the poll results.
    And why are there only two options? What about a "No, I don't love him, but I respect him, though I'm Jewish." option? X3

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