Homosexuality and Resurrection

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  1. Davis

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    Dear members of this Forum,

    I've come to this board to get advise on the interpretation of the Forbidden Letters to Philip Gardiner at World Mysteries. www.world-mysteries.com/PhilipGardiner/ [I am not here to promote homosexuality] But these Letters say that homosexuality is a requirement for a safe conduct of the forces of resurrection.

    The Letters furthermore say the Gospel is in reality a vehicle for alchemy. I was surprised to read that, because alchemy, I had learned, was about transmuting lead into gold etc. Well, it seems that was only the metaphor. The lead is metaphor for a mortal body, the gold for a resurrected immortal body.

    A stone is involved (the stone of Alchemy/Transmutation) and the authors of the letters say that stone is Christ (the living stone of 1 Peter 2:4). What does that stone do? It is supposed to ignite a fire (the fire of alchemy) in the human body. That stone is everywhere in creation and can be produced in a human body to ignite that fire. (Hence: 'he who is near me, is near the fire, and he who is near the fire is near the Kingdom'/Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas.) Through that fire (spirit) one is reborn and from that moment on the 'Kingdom of God' (that is inside us and we don't know it) is slowly growing. That fire is called Kundalini in India by the way.

    Now, the authors of the Letters say that people who have calimed to have had that fire and died afterwards were not telling the truth. They claim that alchemical work will take over the flesh-body and produce physical immorality. You will be 'filled with light' as Jesus says in Thomas. 'The dead (the once not reborn through that fire) are not alive, and the living (the once reborn through that fire) will not die.(Jesus in Thomas).

    The Letters say a man has produced that stone of Transmutation (the Christ) and he is gay. He is hidden and building his lightbody right now. The Letters say only certain homosexual people can safely conduct those fires because they posess androgyny (microcosmic male and female). :-?

    That stone is identified as the Grailstone by Wolfram von Eschenbach:

    'By the power of that stone the Phoenix burns to ashes, but the ashes restore him to life again.'[The Phoenix is a metaphor for the alchemist/christ to be in that fire].

    This work of rebirth (and construction of the Kingdom within) takes decades, they say. And if everything is correct, then nothing has happened between 33 and 1986. :-?

    That work of alchemy is called the Great Work (opus magnus) but also The Work of the Sun. (Here the microcosmic sun is meant that is said te reside at the bottom of the spine). That's why that work is summarized with the words

    'You have the energy of the sun in you, but you keep knotting it up at the base of your spine.'(Christ is called the solar hero in eraly christianity.)

    I wonder what we as christians should think of all this.

    Here are some quotes to help you understand the Letters and the articles. One should IMO read at least the Letters (part 1 and 2) and the articles by Reich, Rice and de la Censerie.

    These quotes are taken from de la Censerie.

    These quotes are taken from Rice

    And this is taken from the Otto Reich article:

  2. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    My advise is, don't waste your time unless you are into metaphysics, gnosticism, and esoteric philosophies.
  3. Davis

    Davis New Member

    Alchemy is about metaphysics. You probably only skimmed my topic-starter. Really. Ressurection is discussed here.

    Here is a quote from the Hanno Temming article:

    And this is from Forbidden Letters part 2 (how the Resurrection is supposed to work)

  4. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    What you have in these "Forbidden Letters" is a combination of Egyptian/Chaldean mysticism, Hinduism and Gnosticism sprinkled with animism.
    The "new Eden" or paradise is the Kingdom of God (Heaven) that is entered through a narrow gate on a narrow path lit by the light of God's truth where we encounter trials.
    In Hinduism the third chakra (fire) is located in the solar plexus, which corresponds to the gnostic philosophical concept of the liver. In Hinduism the top or 7th charkra is pure awareness, which corresponds to Gnosticism's acquisition of true wisdom (Sophia). In the Bible true wisdom is the word of God (Proverbs 8) personified in Jesus (John 1:14) who is the narrow gate of the resurrection. In animism the shaman was (is) the spiritual leader and is androgenist (gay). In Gnosticism the word (logos) is the divine reason or plan which coordinates a changing universe. The only alchemy involved is the transformation from death to eternal life through faith in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, which was Jesus' mandate from the Father.
    This involves faith in Jesus who is God's Anointed One (Messiah) and appointed King and High Priest of the Kingdom of God, who is also the cornerstone rejected by men who will crush those who reject the Gospel as well as light the fire of eternal life in those who do accept the Gospel.

    So you see Davis, I did not just skim your topic-starter.
  5. Davis

    Davis New Member

    Alchemy is dropped in many metaphysical systems.

    The Paris 4 say alchemy has nothing to do wity faith. You are chosen. Pulled. Dragged. You cannot invite yourself to the Grail-stone (Christ).

    This is from the Ric article:

    But you did. No stone is going to crush anything. And with this post you clearly admitted that my topic-starter was metaphysical.

    Peace. :D
  6. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    Quoting what is found on World-Mysteries does not make what you post true. What I find of interest in your response is you did not refute the primary source for true information concerning Jesus, or any primary sources dealing with Hinduism, Animism, or Gnosticism, but continue to appeal to esoteric metaphysical sources that read like LSD induced fiction.
  7. Davis

    Davis New Member

    For you!


    And here is some more of that 'fiction'. :D

  8. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    Have you read the reviews of Gardiner's and Osborn's book? The consensus is the book is trash and this from people who better read and informed than the authors seem to be. Also by referring to Egyptian mythology all you have done is confirm you are appealing to fiction.
  9. poling

    poling New Member

    Aineo, what review are you referring to?

    But aren't we Christians possibly appealing to fiction too? This is taken from the latest article on the Forbidden Letters (just out) http://www.world-mysteries.com/PhilipGa ... ers_17.htm

    'That fact proof shield we call our faith...'[Burns]
  10. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    How about discussing the primary sources used in the Forbidden Letters instead of just appealing to those letters? I have shown how these letters are nothing more than an amalgamation of Animistic, Gnostic, Hindu, Egyptian/Chaldean mysticism, and I will add apocryphal Christian literature. A charge you have yet to refute.
    The Nicean Creed is based in Greek philosophy not what the Bible teaches concerning God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Traditional Christianity is in fact more myth than what is found in the Bible. Have you read Greg S. Deuble's "They Never Told Me This in Church" or "The Coming Kingdom of the Messiah" by Anthony Buzzard? Or have you limited your reading to Gnostic and pagan sources?
    This statement is false. When we consider all the studies and peer reviewed research we know more about the cause(s) of homosexuality than gay activists and there supporters are willing to admit. After all, even the icons of scientific research into the cause(s) of homosexuality agree that homosexuality is the result of biology, environment, and personality. There is absolutely no empirical scientific evidence that homosexuality is innate, or unchangeable.

    Your links lean heavily on The Lost Tomb of Jesus, which is a superficial analysis of 6 ossuaries found in a 1st century tomb http://www.jesus-christ-forums.com/home/viewtopic.php?t=8768 The Hebrew/Aramaic name Yeshua is translated Jesus only when it refers to one man, not every male named Yeshua.
    It seems your Forbidden Letters and those who defend this work of fiction cannot decide if Jesus was gay, bi, or straight.
  11. Davis

    Davis New Member

    The Bible itself is an amalgam of Ugaritic, Chaldean Gnostic, an Egyptian sources. All Religions are an amalgam, because it is so damn difficult to...

    A Christ is there who fought a serpent descending into e arth. That is pure alchemy. And the composers of the original Creed will have had reasons to communicate that detail in that Creed. And the Bible has been edited over and over. In plain english: you can't trust that book a bit. But that too isn't important. Important is the fact that we discover alchemy everywhere once we understand the alchemical key.

    Alchemy is pagan. The religions are pagan. Everything is pagan. Christian, Muslim, Jew, those are just names to set yourself apart. There is only one nature and only one meta-nature (the living God). The alchemist. That universal Creed is given by RFC with the following words [Edinger]

    I suggest you read Born Gay first before judging.

    A tomb of Jesus. Good man, what are you talking about? There has never even been a man like Christ.

    The Forbidden Letters only say Jesus was fictional and created gay'ish to communicate the possible link between homosexuality and the forces of resurrection and thereby with paradise. We don't know whether that is true, but please study the letters and the articles carefully before posting. So I don't have to clear up things all the time you could have cleared up yourself.

  12. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    I have read Born Gay, as well as LeVay's and Hammer's books. I have also read the latest and greatest pop science that has been either refuted or questioned because pop science is superficial. Can you say the same, if not then your agenda has nothing to do with truth; scientific or religious truth.

    Jesus "fought a serpent descending into earth"? This is pure mythology, especially when you understand Christ is a title not a name. While in the tomb Jesus was dead and since the Bible does not teach an immortal soul that survives after death any attempt to correlate Biblical Christianity with pagan myths is not only bad scholarship it is utterly ludicrous, which brings me back to the primary sources you have steadfastly refused to address, for instance the New Testament, which is the only accurate primary source for who Jesus is and the Old Testament, which is the only accurate primary source for all the Jesus taught.
  13. Davis

    Davis New Member

    Aineo, I regret to say there is no talking to you. All the best nevertheless.

  14. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    Davis, I am not surprised that you are retiring from this discussion since your position has been exposed as pure fantasy. However, to quote another popular fantasy "Live long and prosper".
  15. Davis

    Davis New Member

  16. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    Sensationalism is a poor reason to promote or accept a philosophy that has no basis in fact.

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