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Discussion in 'New Member Forum' started by Divya, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Divya

    Divya New Member

    This is Divya,
    :) I am new here. Hi to all...
    I am Jesus Freak and I would love to talk.
    I was born in a christian family but was saved just two years back...
    God is so good... won't you agree... I love Him and I live for Him
  2. AuroraAngel

    AuroraAngel New Member

    God is Good, his love is great.

    welcome to the family.
  3. freeway001

    freeway001 New Member

    Divya... welcome.. I'm kinda new here myself.. been reading post secretly but never joined until recently... anyway welcome aboard..
    I've been a christian since 81.. waiting for Jesus's return... love talking about Christ and learning about the bible...

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