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    I have emailed a LOT of places, here's the info so far..
    Isaiah from the Dead Scrolls

    The Hebrew word in both the masoretic text and in the Qumran scroll is
    identical in spelling. the form "k sh ph y k" is pronounced keshaphayik It
    is a plural word with a 2fsing. suffix thus "your sorceries" or your
    "witchcrafts" The root of the word is kesheph (or witchcraft) the ayik
    ending = the y is plural construct and the final K is 2 fem sing suffix =

    The Qumran scribes often make a yod look like a waw and vice versa, thus
    your oo reading.
    Fred P Miller
    You quote some incorrect translations such as
    the example "kash" which is completely unrelated to the questionable
    word. This word is written with a Koof whereas the the word you question
    is written with a Kaf.
    Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi
    Hebrew World
    Dear Marty,

    The hebrew term for sorcerer/magician is mechashef (male) and machsheifah
    for a female (witch).


    Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky
    Dear Marty

    Machashefah is the term for witch and Kishuf is the term for whichcraft.

    take care
    Eli Birnbaum
    Director Internet Services
    The Jewish Agency
    POB 92 Jerusalem, Israel

    I know I am a nut :lol:

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