Don’t you have any other job?

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    Don’t you have any other job?

    We ought to do our jobs in our homes and offices.
    We have families and responsibilities. But,
    proclaiming gospel is very important among all our
    duties. We have the attitude, ‘Let the world get the
    joy what we got” and propagate the blessings to
    others. God expects everyone to do ministry. High
    officials, who were holding high places in their
    offices, renounce the positions and serve God full

    Paul was educated as a sincere student of the
    great philosopher Gamaliel. But, he threw away all
    worldly credentials because of the thirst to know God.
  2. Chellebert

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    I'm a Highschool student

    Education is important to me.
    I don't really believe in luck or coincidence.
    God has a plan for everything you do.
    He uses people in different ways.
    Some people-because of their education-get jobs where they are surrounded by people who are lost. Thank God we would be put in situations where we can be used.

    You can still serve God full time in everyday life.
    Yes, Paul gave up everything to serve God, but we can give our entire selves to God but not necessarily leave everything behind to serve Him.
    He does wonderful things!~He provides and will never put us in a situation he knows we can't handle.

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