1. superproxy

    superproxy New Member

    what is the difference between jesus-christ-forums.com and jesus-christ-forums.com/home?

    it seems that the contents of these two are diferrent.

    i am confuse the other one has a lot of content and the other one has few.

    is the other one fake and the other one is real.

    pls. kindly explain.
  2. Steven509

    Steven509 New Member

    THIS one (freejesus.com/HOME) is the old one that has been around for about 4-5 years, the other is a fresh-start I guess, infact, i'm the first member other than the webmaster. However, unfortunatly, both forums seem to have died now, both desolate and quiet.
  3. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    Controversial would be a better term. It seems Trinitarians cannot support the Trinity when Scripture is discussed so they leave.
  4. superproxy

    superproxy New Member

    Hmmm. I see, no wonder .
  5. Steven509

    Steven509 New Member

    I'm just going to ramble...

    "A house divided against itself cannot stand" says Christ, if we all fight, we self destruct. People on this board are fighting, now it's deadening.

    I beleive that we will never have peace until the thousand year (or days?) period of christs raign just before the return.

    When two people debate, what is the goal of each person? To make the other beleive as he or just to have the last word and end the 'game'?
    Is it not our intention to 'edify' another persons beleif?
    Who's doing any good if not first consulting gods word, and not only that, but interpreting it without worldly ways of thinking.

    The truth is straight, who can say they are as straght as the truth? They can perhaps judge themselves by laying the straightstick of the word of god on the ground, then lay the stick of ones' beleif next to it and see the difference.
    I feel quite assured that when the truth is received, the worldly ways of thinking can bend, warp, shorten, lengthen, coil, taper, widen, narrow, minipulate, and otherwise distort the origanal truth, but the truth is not bendable, only the interpretation can bend.
  6. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    The true Body of Christ is not divided since the true Body believes what Jesus said concerning eternal life and Jesus said that eternal life requires believing the Father is the only true God and that believing Him (the Father) is essential. Now since it is the Father who transfers true believers into the Kingdom of His son, then what makes you think that those who teach that Jesus is God are part of the undivided church?
  7. Steven509

    Steven509 New Member

    Jesus is LORD not because he is god, but because he sits at the right hand of the father (which we call god). Wheather Jesus is god or not, hard to chew, but he is a christians lord (not that he's higher than god, god gaves us to him as sheep and he is the lord of the sheep)
    Correct me if i'm wrong but we pray to the FATHER in CHRIST's name, not to christ.

    I really am starting to think that unity among a church is either non-existant right now or is just very very rare.
  8. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member

    The institutional church as been divided over lots of doctrines since the 2nd century. Also Jesus is Lord not LORD. Not all Christians pray to the Father in the name of the son. Have you studied Paul's prayers?
  9. Alpha

    Alpha New Member

    All Christians pray to the Father in the name of the Son, because no one comes to the Father, but by the Son. The mere fact that you accept Christ as Savior and pray to the Father, that means you are praying in Jesus' name. Praying in Christ's name is not superficial by just saying "in Jesus name" at the end of every prayer.

    Even in the Lord's prayer, when Christ taught his disciples how to pray, he didn't tell them to say "in Jesus name" at the end of the prayer. So praying in Jesus name is more than what most people might think it is.
  10. Aineo

    Aineo Active Member


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