Christian hypocrisy

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    Hypocrisy is common in most cultures, however when Christians play the hypocrite we do not display the fruit of the Spirit or advance the cause of the Gospel. The Scriptures are replete with admonitions to treat those within and without our faith with an even hand, but most of us don’t. This is especially true of the most visible of our Christian leaders who get most of the medias attention and on Christian message boards who make an issue of being evangelical fundamentalists.
    The movers and shakers of the political religious right are routinely the most vitriolic, abusive, and judgmental of “outsiders”, while not removing the sexually immoral from their own congregations and I have not visited a Christian message board where its members do not routinely post half truths, false stereotypes, and outright lies concerning the gay community. If a member of the message board takes exception to the rhetoric they are labeled with Romans 1:32.
    While ignoring:
    How can a heterosexual practice the same sin as a homosexual?
    With few exceptions those who lead the PRR are from denominations that wink at divorce and remarriage by condoning and rationalizing their approval of their members who have been married and divorced multiple times and some Christian message boards are owned and administered by people who have been married as many as 5 times.

    Most evangelical fundamental Christian message boards are Christian in name only. They take the time and trouble to post a set of doctrinal beliefs that includes the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture and then list their doctrinal stances that contradict Scripture. They post rules for members to follow and then enforce those rules differently for those who adhere to their doctrinal positions and those who do not. They set up apologetics forum, which are mainly designed to debate (argue) Christianity and Christian doctrine and then get upset when people who engage in debates (argue) use accepted debating methods. Some of the most hypocritical Christian message boards post rules that prohibit being sarcastic, condescending, and patronizing, then give their members who support their doctrines full reign to be sarcastic, condescending and patronizing but close threads, ban those who debate their doctrines, and accuse those who do not support their doctrines of being condescending when their doctrinal position is being effectively refuted. Then they self-righteously pat themselves on the back for being great Christians in their attitude and treatment of others. If they do not want to debate their doctrines using accepted debating techniques then they should close down their apologetics forums or enforce their posted rules even handedly since to do otherwise is hypocritical and actually violates their own proof texting of Christian behavior.
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    Just testing here, God Bless

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