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    would like to thank God and give Him Praise for answering my Prayers.

    Last week my car started running bad and the Service Engine Soon light was going on and off. I prayed about the matter, as I did not have the money to fix it and at that point did not know what was wrong with it either.

    I took it to a friend of mine that worked on a cars for a living and he told me what he thought was wrong with it and that the part cost $70.00 plus and to put the part in would cost another $70.00 plus and would be about $150.00 all together. (This friend never charged me for the test he ran on the car and made sure I knew what part it was that I needed before I left his shop. Thanks Clark!)

    I called around and found the part for $63.00 and decided that I would try to put the part in myself. I still did not have the money that day and prayed again about the matter and within a few hours I had the money to order the part and could pick it up the next day, as they had to order it.

    I prayed and asked others to pray as well that it would fix the problem once I changed it. The next day came and I picked up the part and put it in on the spot and before I started the car I said to myself that I beloved God answered my prayers and based it on His Word and started it and the light never came on again and the car is running like a new one. Praise the Lord!! God has answered many of my prayers over the past few weeks and I give Him thanks!
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    Thank you Jesus!

    Love, Joe
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    Praise the Lord

    Praise the Lord!

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